Careers | Why Get Involved In The Solar Industry


Why Get Involved In The Solar Industry

Size and Timing of the Opportunity

There are 130M homes in the US.
90M are eligible for solar.
Approximately 3.5M have gone solar. (less than 4% market penetration).
87M homes are eligible and currently still WITHOUT solar

Career Options

The process is as simple as 3 steps. It's completely free, you don't need to pay any kind of membership to start earning money.

1. Customer

Now that you know about the benefits of solar panels, you can choose to become a customer. If you have questions about the requirements to purchase or lease, we will help you with this.

2. Afiliate

Become an Affiliate. It's completely free. No purchase of any type of membership is required.

  1. Speak to homeowners about solar panels
  2. Collect the customer's electricity bill
  3. Schedule a meeting with a Solar Professional and the client to explain their options.
  4. When the sale is completed and the panels have been installed, you will receive a payment of $500 - $1,000.

3. Consultant

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Purchase a membership and start a Legitimate Career Opportunity

  1. Part-time or Full-time
  2. Virtual Sales - (90% Virtual)
  3. Simply refer solar customers and earn up to 50% of the commission.
  4. Become a BYLD Mentor, close sales for other consultants and earn 50% of the commissions
  5. DON’T want to sell solar? BYLD a team and earn commissions from the sales they make