Go Solar

Our Process

Our process is simple and easy. Our team of Solar Professionals will take care of each of the necessary details so that you can enjoy your new solar panels.

Step 1: Get The Bill

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To have a more accurate estimate, it is important that you obtain your last electricity bill. If you don't have an electricity bill yet, our Solar Professional can help you with this.

Step 2: The Proposal

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Based on the numbers on your electricity bill, we will calculate the amount of electricity and the number of panels your home will need to cover your electricity needs.

Step 3: Select A Plan

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We will present you a proposal with different options, payment methods, financing and everything necessary for you to make a decision about your new solar panels.

Step 4: Sign The Contract

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After analyzing your options, you will need to sign the contract in order to begin the process. If you have questions about the requirements to purchase or lease, we will help you with this.

Step 5: Get Started

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After signing your contract, we move on to stage 2. At this stage a representative will be contacting you to continue with the following steps: Design, Permits and Installation.

Step 6: Completion

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We will ensure that your panels are installed in a 100% professional manner and with the approval of the city. You will be very satisfied with your new solar panels.

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